About Me

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Creating and building sales culture.


Helping sales professionals meet and exceed their goals.


I’m at my absolute best when I am helping others. And what could be better than helping sales professionals and sales leaders who want to go from A to A+ or some other better to best delta? Those who are already good and want to get better with coaching, training, leadership, motivation or some combination. Yes, please!


With over 20 years in sales, sales training, and sales leadership roles, Jen specializes in helping sales teams exceed their goals. She currently serves as the Senior VP of Producer Development for Marsh & McLennan Agency, a $2 billion B2B insurance brokerage firm. 


To Jen, sales strategy is like a chessboard – every move has to be a strategic one. Prior to her current role, Jen most recently worked with DHL teams around the world to build sales culture. Many of her blogs focus on developing a strategic mindset in sales.




 As the Senior VP of Producer Development of a $2 billion company, Jen’s focus is on developing programs and opportunities that challenge sales teams to grow. She believes intellectual curiosity is the X-factor to becoming a thought leader – asking the “what-ifs” to arrive at what could be. Jen also believes this skill can be developed and has written and spoken extensively on the topic.


In her current role, Jen has created and implemented over 10 company-wide sales training and development programs while continually improving on the existing learning experience for colleagues.


Jen has a passion for propelling the good to greatness –  coaching up sales professionals from an “A” to an “A+”. With a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, she approaches coaching with her expertise in human behavior to help professionals reach their full potential.


Jen not only coaches sales professionals, but she also works with sales leaders by equipping them with the tools necessary to successfully manage their teams. Jen has spoken and written extensively in this area – her blogs often include content that is pertinent to sales leaders.