A Milestone in Life's Journey

Years ago, my husband (way before he was my husband) sat in my office and said something like, "Adam told me to come see you."

It was not love at first sight. Not in the least. I was pre-occupied with all going on in my own personal life; and I was a single Mom with extensive domestic and international travel for the position I was in at the time. Life was busy, and complicated.

My husband (again, not my husband at the time) was in a new role and determined to be successful in the assignment. We lived in different cities, didn't run in the same circles, didn't have a lot in common...and yet, we quickly learned we really enjoyed working together. Whether it was prospecting new clients, mentoring new hires, or rehearsing important presentations, we seemed to always be on the same page and moving at the same speed. Months passed. A year.

And then, bam! Our first date. Our courtship was surprising to me - something out of left field. And he and I knew, almost instantly, that we would be together forever.

Yesterday, we celebrated seven years married. The traditional seventh anniversary gift is copper. It represents prosperity, good luck and good fortune.

Heading into this weekend, I know we'll sit outside, enjoy each other's company and talk about the next seven years. We have big plans for our future. I can't wait to see what's in store!