An Intern Graduates, a New Chapter Begins

Today's post is a bit personal, a bit philosophical, and filled with A LOT of gratitude.

Internships are amazing. Period.

I held two internships during my university days (many, many years ago) with two different organizations. Both experiences confirmed for me, without a doubt, that I wanted to be in the world of business.

And then blink, I was in the workforce managing interns directly myself. And have been lucky enough to be able to work with student interns quite frequently over the years.

Internships are meant to be a springboard. A way to see an industry, a job, a career, and begin experiencing what life might be like down the road for the students who fill the roles.

This Friday, my small team will say goodbye to our school-year intern. Under strange and unanticipated circumstances. She will turn in her laptop in an almost empty office. We will not be able to take her to lunch. We cannot meet up for a happy hour. She will end her time with us in much the same way she's ended her final college semester - quietly and virtually.

Amid a global pandemic she still worked. She still brainstormed. She still taught. She still wrote. She still learned.

And, to my knowledge, she was never once asked to get someone coffee or make copies (isn't that the intern stereotype?!).

Our intern did more than meet expectations; she made a HUGE impact on the team she supported. And she has influenced me personally in ways hard to articulate.

Her journey will most likely take many twists and turns and unfold in ways she can only imagine. She needs to know she will be missed, but the next chapter is ahead and will be full of purpose and adventure and learning and growing.

And to all interns, near and far, thank you for your hard work and your inquisitiveness. Thank you for your patience and your tenacity. Thank you for continuing to forge ahead in these crazy and uncertain times.

The world is your oyster. It is your turn to shine.