Birthday Wishes for Everyone

Do you already acknowledge birthdays for your clients and connections? What about work anniversaries and other special occasions?

What can you do to make others feel special with certain milestones, like birthdays?

If you personally don't love birthdays, it might be hard to realize some people love their birthdays - celebrating the day, the week, or even their entire birthday month. A little effort can go a long way to even further endearing someone to you...if you remember their special day.

If you've never thought about using birthdays as a way to build relationships, it might be easier than you realize. A lot of people include their birthday on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. You can easily add them to your calendar and set reminders. I personally like to send a text the night before for those I'm close with but don't have mailing addresses for, usually with a "birthday eve" message and a few emojis.

In my first year of selling (many, many years ago), I was working on a large piece of business that I didn't think I had much of a shot at winning. I was young, inexperienced, it was an RFP situation, and the buyer and I seemed to have almost no common ground. In one of our early meetings together we stumbled upon the fact that we shared the same birthday, even if decades apart, and almost instantly, our relationship changed from acquaintances to long-lost friends.

As long as we are completely genuine and sincere in our efforts to recognize the special and meaningful days in others' lives, there is only positive upside to the small effort it takes.

Making Birthday Memories

Contribution by Curt Tueffert

Curt Tueffert, Vice President of Sales Development at DXP Enterprises, also loves recognizing birthdays and celebrating his connections in meaningful and thoughtful ways.

Here's his advice and guidance on making birthdays really sing!

Ideas for Birthday Celebration:

  1. Celebrate by sending your connections personalized cards

  2. Capture their 1/2 birthdays as well - sending something 6 months before their birthday will definitely be a meaningful gesture

  3. Use a service like Mailbox Power to package a card and gift, something that is personal and brings a flare of fun like brownies, candies, etc.

Why birthdays and work anniversaries are important

Today we are getting our "inbox" stuffed with junk, spam, and constant work communications. Add to that the impersonal nature of an "electronic card" or some random "happy birthday" on social media, and the celebration of these very important dates just diminishes.

There was a time when getting a birthday card in the mail was special - a real treat. Well, now you can be the one to bring that same excitement all over again. What was once old has become new. There are many cost effective services that can manage all your contacts if you don't want to manage it yourself. Your contacts can update their information when prompted, adding in their birthday month and date. From there the process is as simple as creating a campaign and allowing the service to send out the card and gift.

Getting a real birthday card in the mail is still special. It shows we care. It shows we were thinking of them.

Take a moment to send that card and gift; or even just a card. Start small if you need to. Pick just one contact per month to mail a card to. Or go big and make it one of your goals for 2021 to send many cards out to your clients and connections. It not only helps them know they are thought of and loved; it helps you become a better person in the process.