Consider Rearranging Your Home Office

Many of us have been working at home permanently or semi-permanently for almost eight months.

If you are still in the same spot you've been in since March, consider rearranging. What if you changed it up...even just for the next 19 weeks (until Dayton Savings begins again on March 14, 2021).

You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain.

Sitting or standing in a new spot offers a new perspective, a chance of scenery, and perhaps a jolt of creativity or inspiration!

I recently jumped at the chance to rearrange, and while I'm still not feeling all that settled with my new layout, it will be perfect for the winter.

A few reminders:

  • Think about where you might need the most plugs

  • If you do a lot of video calls, try to have the natural light behind your camera, not behind you

  • If there is literally no room or way to reconfigure the desk/space, consider adding a something new on a wall

  • Play around with virtual Zoom backgrounds instead of rearranging (or in addition)