Craving Quiet in Our LOUD World

How perfectly fitting that my last Maximize Your Mondays post for 2020 is referencing my final post from my 2019 #52words52weeks series. It talks all about quiet, creativity, alone time, and doing our best work.

My world has gotten louder with the pandemic, not quieter.

How ironic that this piece challenges each of us to find more quiet space and time in our schedules.

Until our kids are back to school and sports, and business trips resume for me or my spouse, I'll need to continue to just make do with our circumstances when it comes to finding chunks of quiet time to think, plan and create. I know it will all be fine. It always is.

And no matter if you are alone right now, with just one or two other people, or with a large, loud family, may you find time to rest and reset before we jump into 2021!