Curiosity: The X-Factor for Success

I absolutely love when I'm working with key leaders and they bring up, without me referencing at all, how critical curiosity is as it relates to one's success.

  • Do you have a natural tendency to be curious, or do you need to work hard at it?

  • Who do you know in your professional network who is inquisitive, curious, and clever?

Regardless of whether you are naturally inquisitive, or you are eager to hone this particular attribute, here's the interesting thing about have to be the one to cultivate your own curiosity. No one else can do it for you. But don't worry, you've got this!


  1. Download the eBook 6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results. You'll note pages 8 – 11 are dedicated to intellectual curiosity. I authored that specific piece not only because of my passion for the topic, but also because I wholeheartedly believe that a sales professional can mindfully and purposely work to increase his or her level of curiosity with attention, active listening and practice. (Note: From my MMA profile, click on the "6 Strategies..." hyperlink)

  2. Read 7 Traits of Intellectually Curious Leaders, a LinkedIn piece by Vivek Bapat

  3. Talk with anyone in your personal or professional network who seems to be highly curious. Ask their advice and guidance on how you can develop your own intellectual curiosity.

  4. Share with me and others what you are learning and what's working for you!