Effort and Hard Work - Irreplaceable

I'm not an event planner. But once a year (okay, sometimes twice), I plan a particular event. A big event. Not in terms of the number of people who attend, but in regard to the significance of the meeting itself. What is symbolizes. What it represents. Those it brings together.

Here we are, in the middle of a global pandemic, and the meeting has had to change. Of course it has had to. What was once always in person has shifted...to 100% virtual. The planning and leadership teams have pivoted. Adapted. Adjusted. Carried on. And, in the long run, we might be better for it.

The effort that is channeled and the teamwork that is needed - nothing short of extraordinary.

We are learning new ways to connect. New ways to network. New ways to build foundations. New ways to be better.

It's hard. But most things delightfully worth it are hard.

Thank you to my colleague in Texas today, reminding all of us that you can't replace hard work.

And, after a long, hard day, it's also time to put my boots up and reflect on what the day was, and what tomorrow will bring.