Freedom In Embracing the Future

Live in the present. Wise advice or a silly adage?

Those of us who have spent time in sales as a profession might not ever have the luxury of adhering to or trying to live out a mantra of live in the present. Our entire makeup, our DNA, our livelihood is about the future.

Whether we are striving for quarterly new business numbers, yearly growth goals, or some other achievement in our career journey, more often than not we must always be thinking about tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

Earlier this year, at the beginning of all of the shelter in place orders, it seemed as though some sales professionals were caught in a wait and see mentality. Determined to just wait out the chaos with the global pandemic hoping it would pass quickly. No such luck. Our world before is gone.

Now might be the time to pivot, and embrace our new reality.

We’re in this for the long-haul.

The sooner we embrace that, the quicker we can get to work with revising our plans for the future. For the balance of 2020, 2021, and maybe even into 2022 - depending on length of sales cycle, ideal number of new customers, and other factors to account for moving through these strange times.

Is there some freedom in embracing a new future? Committing to a virtual experience 100% for meetings, conferences, projects, seminars, workshops, training and development?

If we only expect a virtual experience, the future will not disappoint. We will stop longing for the days when we could hop on an airplane or jump in a car or catch a train to meet in person without giving it a second thought.

There is freedom in embracing the future. Our time is now. And tomorrow. And many, many days to come.