Hitting the Reset Button

The last few years have been weird. I even struggle to determine if weird is the right word to use. Maybe they’ve been hard years? Strange years? Crazy years? Exhausting years? Unimaginably difficult years?

If you are reading this and know me personally, you might even laugh out loud that I’m trying to categorize these last eighteen months specifically, and the last four years in general (yes, even before the pandemic). Should I even try?

I’m absolutely needing to hit the reset button.

There is an interesting dynamic here for sure – especially the effort and energy needed to reassure everyone around me that nothing dire is going on behind-the-scenes. As big life stuff goes – what I’m personally going through seems minor compared to stories of tragedy and loss from those I know personally and stories from national and international headlines.

Just me in my own world, trying to be here for my family, and deal with immensely difficult and unforeseen situations, while also trying to navigate my own circumstances and my own future.

After blogging weekly throughout 2019 and even more frequently than that throughout 2020…it all came to a grinding halt. Looking back, I can articulate all of the life events, both personally and professionally, that converged and overlapped these last few years in a way that might make your head spin. There’s literally only so much one human being can handle at any given time. No matter how competent, no matter how loved and supported, no matter how well-intentioned.

A close colleague recently reminded me (and she was spot on) that we’ve all been in survival mode. Even if we’ve pretended that we haven’t been. Or ignored that we have been. And being in survival mode took everything out of me.

The magnitude of what we’ve collectively been through these last few years is so enormous it’s hard to even talk about. Many don’t even try. That needs to change. We need to talk, find the words, start the conversations, hold the discussions, and figure out, together and individually, where to go from here.

I’ve made a commitment (to myself and to two others) that I will blog weekly for at least the remainder of this calendar year. Short blogs, long blogs, video blogs – I’m not sure yet – it will all have to take shape. I can reassure you the topics will be meaningful. And hopefully impactful to you personally and professionally.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Stay tuned – next week – comments on commitments.