How Well Do You Know Your Own Sales Process?

No matter if you work for a small firm or a worldwide conglomerate, most sales professionals and teams have preferred sales strategies and methodologies that they are taught and are expected to follow.

This post is not about persuading you to a specific sales process or way of selling. (Maybe another time!).

More importantly, today, I'd like to ask you to reflect on three questions:

  1. How well do you know your company's preferred sales methodology?

  2. Have you used your sales process in enough new opportunities to know your success rate?

  3. Is the process part of your "muscle" memory?

If someone were to ask you 10 or 1,000 questions about your sales process, could you answer intelligently? Would you score well?

With your opportunities, are you working with your leadership team and planning your pipeline to have enough "at bats" to know, truly, what your personal close ratio is with your company's sales process? Assuming, of course, that you are using the preferred methodology well, and in totality. Are you above or below the team average?

Is your sales process part of your DNA? In your very fiber? Like any strong athlete whose body reacts to a ball's trajectory before any thought is even given to how to react. In client situations are you nimble? Do you know, without thinking, what to do in most situations?

Maybe it's time for a refresher. Re-read a book. Call a mentor. Meet with your manager. Attend a virtual training. Ask someone to test you and challenge you. Invite someone to shadow you while working directly with clients or perspective customers.

There are many things you can do to up your game. Selling your way through a pandemic has quite a few unique challenges. You will not regret the time you invest in this element.