I Deactivated my Facebook Account Today...

I've been on Facebook for a little more than 12 years already. I've used it like many others have - to share pictures, reconnect with friends from high school and college and helping long-distance family feel close to our kids and our lives.

Unfortunately, though, my relationship with the platform seems to be an unhealthy one.

With around 400 friends, the daily joy of seeing pictures and stories from my friends' lives - what they found funny, what they were cooking, what they were up to day to day - was something I looked forward to.

Will I miss that?

Will I miss that more than all of the negatives? The constant barrage of "experts" spouting off extreme opinions on religion, race, politics, and this global pandemic. Christian friends seemingly filled with hate and intolerance? People blindly re-posting and re-sharing fake news without citing sources or researching the source data themselves first?

It's just gotten to be too much. And something has got to give if I'm going to focus on being the best wife, mother and leader I can be through these unprecedented times. I want to be the best version of myself.

Being on Facebook has been dragging me down...not lifting me up. 

This is the first time in the 12 years of using Facebook that I've purposely deactivated my account. Will I take a break for a few weeks? A few months? Until after the presidential election? Until after a vaccine?

I don't know.

What a way to start the weekend, right?