Is It Casserole Season Yet?

I know...I Wednesday posts are supposed to be about work, ideally something relatable, useful or valuable for sales professionals.

But today, after having taken a few extra days off with the long weekend, and already thinking about meals I've committed to making for this coming weekend, I'm looking for recommendations. For amazing casserole recipes!

What I've realized, quite quickly, in this new phase of pandemic life, is that I have very few go-to casserole dishes. You know the kind - where one bite in you know you are going to make it again. I have my go-to recipes for parties and picnics and holidays. For homemade soups, pizza dough, cakes and cookies. I have recipes for crockpot meals, breakfasts, and special occasions.

What I need are weeknight-variety casserole recipes.

With only one caveat. They must be incredibly good. I'm not looking for easy-to-make, or only a few ingredients. I'm looking for recipes that turn heads.

Aprons on!