Just Me, the Dog and a Kayak

I've been looking forward to this long weekend for awhile now...

My team just finished a gigantic project earlier this week. Now that it's concluded, I plan to take full advantage of the long weekend...including taking a few extra days to make it even longer.

Work hard. Play hard. I'm great at the work hard part, still working on the second part.

I plan to drink coffee, think, read, reflect, hike, and hopefully kayak at least a few times over the next few days.

Some think I'm quite absurd putting my almost 60 lb. dog in the kayak with me. But let me tell you how he got there.

Tux is a therapy dog. He has been trained to volunteer. Trained to make others smile. Trained to be where I am, by my side.

A few years ago two colleagues joined me for a planning session, and we went canoeing out on the lake. Tux, a Bearded Collie with a naturally high herding instinct (combined with all of his therapy dog training), could not tolerate that I was on the water and he was on shore. He ran and ran through yards and thicket and finally waded into the water to be able to keep an eye on me. It was funny and annoying. So, I began my research on kayaking with bigger dogs. He has his own life vest. To tell you the truth, he's probably a bit uncomfortable. But his loyalty and need to be with me seems to outweigh any other factors.

This weekend, I plan to kayak with Tux on the lake.

And, on my husband's recommendation, we might also kayak a small river. Something we've not done before. An adventure!

May you be up to something wonderfully relaxing too!