Kicking Call Reluctance to the Curb, Part Four

In this final post about call reluctance, let's talk about calling with confidence and the best day and times of the week to make calls.

Calling with Confidence

Certified life coach Jenn Vandervort swears by this statement - the answer is always no if you don't ask. She helps sales professionals work through the mind games and stories they tell themselves, especially when they talk themselves out of even trying. I asked her recently about call reluctance specifically, and she resoundingly said that it all comes down to confidence.

Are you confident with your calling? With both cold calling and warm calling?

Are you confident with the company, services and solutions you represent? Are you confident in the value you can bring to new potential clients?

Are you working with a trusted mentor to actually practice the words you will use - on the phone, leaving voicemails, in person at events, in person at meetings, and so on?

Are you coming across as calm and confident?

Do you practice how to handle rejection?

Jenn also notes that hearing no when prospecting and making outbound calls often has nothing to do with the sales professional personally...and you absolutely shouldn't take it that way.

Picking Up the Phone on Wednesdays

Did you know that Wednesdays before lunch and Wednesdays late afternoon are the best times to call if you are hitting the phones to prospect? If you are picking up the phone between 11AM and Noon and again 4PM and 5PM on Wednesdays to make cold outbound calls, you are statistically more likely to have success.

I'm a big fan of trying something enough times to know what works well, and what doesn't...statistically speaking. Trying something once and wishing it worked well or hoping it will work is not the same thing as trying and tracking something until you have enough data to see trends, make adjustments, and know that something is contributing to your success as a sales professional.

What would it look like for you to prepare two different outbound calling lists and try an hour on Monday, an hour on Tuesday, 11AM - Noon or 4PM - 5PM on Wednesday, any hour on Thursday, and any hour on Friday. Try it for yourself. See what you learn.

You've got this. You can kick call reluctance to the curb.

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