Learning to Use a Corkscrew

At some point, many of us will get back to business as usual or at least business as different.

And that will most likely include entertaining clients and prospective customers - virtually or in real life.

In the last few months many of us have hosted or attended virtual happy hours with colleagues, networking groups, and current clients. A lot of wine is being consumed.

But how many of us really know how to open a bottle of wine - with a traditional waiter's corkscrew?

A necessary life skill? Probably not. But you will most decidedly look like you know what heck you are doing. And it's not that far of a leap for someone to subconsciously think that because you can handle opening that bottle of wine like a pro then maybe you might know a thing or two when you speak up in meetings and conversations.

Please don't be intimidated by a waiter's corkscrew. It took me years to overcome some crazy irrational fear that I wouldn't be able to figure it out, and that kept me from ever trying.

I am not at all suggesting consuming large amounts of wine to master this skill - I'm merely suggesting you should drink with friends who are patient as you are practicing. If you are raising your glass virtually, they won't even see your attempts if you don't want them to.

And if you get a little cork in your wine as you are learning - c'est la vie.