'Like' if you Love LinkedIn

I am continually reminded, sometimes daily, how amazing the LinkedIn platform is.

Don't you agree?!

I've been on the free version of the LinkedIn site for over 13 years. And even though I have hundreds and hundreds of connections, I've tried to be purposeful with the quality of my network too.

I come back over and over to the three things that seem to matter most in business relationships - trust, credibility and rapport - and focus on these three elements within LinkedIn too.

With so very much of our business interactions changed drastically with COVID-19, now is the perfect time to focus on our virtual networks and how to harness this incredible (and free) tool available.

5 Things to Do on LinkedIn Right Now

  1. Ask a trusted mentor to review your profile with you and talk about suggestions for improvement.

  2. Follow a few (or a lot) of people or companies that interest you - their posts and activity will show up in your feed.

  3. Invite a few (or a lot) of people you already know in real life into your LinkedIn network.

  4. Join a new group. Or two. Or three.

  5. Learn how to write a post, share someone else's post, or create an article on LinkedIn. Feel free to practice by sharing this one.