Making the Time to Make the Calls

In recent weeks and months, I've fielded tons of questions about prospecting right now.

Prospecting through a pandemic can leave you a little panicked...for many different reasons.

Not sure how to navigate. Not sure when to call. Not sure who to call. Not sure what to say. Not sure when to send an email. Not sure when to leave a voicemail.

Making More Calls

We can talk about tactical tips, techniques and advice for prospecting during a pandemic, which of course none of us have ever experienced before, but the more important question might be were we good at prospecting before?

Sales professionals who were already actively building relationships, already establishing themselves as trusted resources, and already working on qualified projects will navigate these uncharted waters and be okay.

One phone call at a time. One email at a time. One new relationship at a time.

How many calls do you make each day? Each week? Are they cold calls? Warm calls? Referrals?

Most of the time, fitting more calls into our schedules is not a time management issue. It's a time prioritization discussion.

What can you do tomorrow, the next day, the next week, the next month to make more calls? To make more connections?

If the last few months have you feeling a bit (or maybe completely) turned around, can you figure out why your aren't actively prospecting as much as you want to be?

Consider a meeting with your sales leader or a trusted mentor to have a frank conversation. Discuss ideas on how to make more calls. Challenge yourself to make more calls.

Now, go, pick up the phone and call someone!