May Flowers...Bring More Time at Home

Today has been a LONG day. As some days are. Global pandemic aside (is that even possible?!). It was a busy, busy day.

Think. Work. Plan. Calls. Run errands. Put on a mask. See a close friend and only have a moment with her. Not long enough. Not in these days when we desperately need human connection and our girlfriends. Oh, how we need our girlfriends.

Into evening. Dinner. Family time. Lots of family dynamics. Everyone needing something. But something different. Time. Attention. Give. Give. Give just a little more.

Finally, 10:30PM and the house is now calm, even if not all yet asleep. Ironically, I'm not yet spent. Just dehydrated and a bit worried. About each member of my family. About our nation. About our world. But not worn out, and not stressed. I count that as a good day.

Did you know today was supposed to be bike to school day? But not today. Kids are home. Indefinitely.

Today was sunny and warm and would have been a perfect day to bike to school. To bike home from school. I'm a bit nostalgic for something that didn't even happen.

The transition to online schooling has been interesting to say the least. We are, as a society, expecting a lot from our children, our educators, and all of us as parents in these days, weeks, and months.

We will keep going. Take each day as it comes.

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