Meetings with Cold Contacts? Warm Them Up!

People need to feel connected.

What are you doing to build rapport with those you barely know, or don't know at all? Even within your current client base?

Do your research. Look someone up on LinkedIn. Contact a mutual connection. Ask about the person you are going meet with or try to meet with.

Could any of these 20 topics help you brainstorm ways to have great first interactions? Can you practice building trust, credibility and rapport? In person or virtually?

What do you have in common? What could you talk about before you talk shop?

  1. Weather

  2. Sports

  3. Music

  4. Movies

  5. Television shows

  6. Books

  7. Mutual friends

  8. LinkedIn connections in common

  9. Alumni/university

  10. Church/religion

  11. Common place you grew up or have lived

  12. Favorite vacation spots

  13. Hobbies

  14. Jokes/humor

  15. Politics

  16. Industry

  17. Geography

  18. Pets

  19. Children

  20. Pandemic life

Remember to practice and role play with someone who knows you well enough to help you improve.

Be genuine. Be authentic. Be Yourself.