More Lemons, More Lemonade

Many of us are into our fifth month of a new normal here in the United States.

As I head into the weekend, I'm not sure I want to think about this global pandemic anymore. At all. For at least two days. It can consume so much emotional and mental energy.

So, again, I turn to the age-old expression about life giving you lemons...and, I will once again work really hard to turn life's lemons into lemonade. Literally. Or figuratively. Either would be fine right about now.

This weekend, I'm going to spend most of Saturday concentrating on a big project for work. I don't mind. It's much needed. And I'm actually looking forward to the time I've planned to dedicate to it.

And then I'm going to bake!

I might make lemon sugar cookies, lemon crepes, lemon cupcakes, or maybe even lemon pancakes.

And life will be delicious!