Plan a Halloween Happy Hour!

Yesterday, I shared ten ideas for planning your own virtual networking events.

No. 6 on the list was a suggestion to host a virtual costume-party happy hour for Halloween. What are you waiting for?!

There are ten days until Halloween.

Plenty of time to pull something together.

You could even look at choosing Thursday, 10/29 or Friday, 10/30 as viable options too.

I'm not trying to underestimate the work you might put into something like this. Planning a virtual happy hour for 10 people, 20 people, or even more will take time, energy, focus and effort. But if you are a sales professional and have been cold calling a lot, or haven't had as many introductory meetings as you'd like with prospective clients these last few months, maybe it's time to do something to strengthen your personal and professional network and relationships.

Maybe you choose to invite people you already know. Or invite people you don't know but want to. And what about neighbors? And colleagues and current customers. Who you choose to invite is important. Think through this part. Make sure you keep the end in mind. Do you want new connections to meet? Do you want to meet new connections? Do you want current clients to meet each other? Take the time to think this through.

Plan a Halloween Happy Hour in 1-week's time!

Day 1 - create your invitation list

Day 2 - send out your invitations

Day 3 - test your platform (with your co-host)

Day 4 - text, call or email those you haven't heard from yet, if you are getting a lot of "no's" and "maybes" consider expanding your invite list

Day 5 - plan your costume, the format for the hour, and send a reminder to those who haven't yet RSVP'd

Day 6 - connect with your co-host, and talk through logistics and experience, consider sending a reminder to each person who has committed to attending

Day 7 - host your virtual happy hour!

Remember to follow up, individually if best, with each person who attends.

Be genuine and open with your network. Build relationships. Be the conduit. Make things happen.