Planning the Month of July

We are just days away from June ending. July beginning.

For some businesses, this marks the end of a quarter, for others, the end of a fiscal year. And it marks the halfway point in the 2020 calendar.

I'm a huge fan of making plans, and making commitments. When we hold ourselves accountable, even if only to ourselves, much can be accomplished.

July has 31 days.

This weekend, I'll be grabbing my notebook and jotting down notes on each day for July. 31 days. 31 opportunities to take action. 31 times to choose to do more. Small things. Big things. Some will be personal. Some will be related to work. Some will be family-focused.

And, rest assured, some of the days will definitely say RELAX in big bold letters. Seems to be something I struggle with a bit. Extra bonus points if someone can teach me how to relax on cue!

Are you ready to plan for July? What will be on your list? Go ahead, grab your notebook! Let's get going!