Prioritizing Art in Our Daily Lives

Art, in any medium, fuels the soul.

Inspiration is all around us.

Today is Go to an Art Museum Today day on the national calendar. It caught my attention. And to my surprise, over 30,000 museums worldwide participate in some form or fashion.

When our eyes are open and our hearts are as well, art, music, creative writing, dance, even television and movies, can bring us alive. If we are open to it. If we are seeking out enrichment. If we make it intentional.

I've extended trips to be able to fit an art museum visit into my itinerary.

For almost a decade, I lived in walking distance to a community art gallery, and some years would visit it weekly.

I've tried hard to teach our kids to appreciate art - in all of its various forms.

And, yes, it's hard to tell in the moment, but I know the trips to the museums, the nights out for dance and musical performances, and the tickets to the philharmonic have been impactful. Time and story after story prove it is so.

If you haven't been to an art museum in awhile (or ever), maybe tonight is the night to go?

Or tomorrow, or the next day, or this coming weekend?

The quiet and stillness might also act as a natural stress reliever to the daily grind. just might find inspiration and awake creativity you didn't even know was inside you.