Re-read a Favorite Sales Book This Weekend

Fiction, non-fiction, news articles, journals, and magazines, it's no secret that I like to read.

Several mentors over my career have even insisted that we should all read and consume as much input as we possibly can to keep growing and developing - personally and professionally.

This weekend, I plan to grab my copy of The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and read it again. Most likely with a pencil and highlighter near by.

Who's with me?!

Grab any sales book off your shelf - from recent years or decades ago. Read or skim. Underline or highlight.

What insights stand the test of time?

What advice might be more relevant today than ever before?

What plans can you make for next week and next month based on the author's suggestions and guidance?

And if you live in a location and a climate where reading outside is possible - make it happen!