Sending More Handwritten Notes

This past Monday, I reposted a blog from 2019 about the importance of cultivating thoughtfulness in business and in life; specifically including some thoughts on how valuable handwritten notes can be in relationship building.

In many conversations with sales professionals over the last few decades, almost everyone agrees that when the mail is checked (at home or office) it is quickly sorted - junk mail is left unopened, bills are separated out, and handwritten notes are opened immediately.

If handwritten notes are opened immediately, and they seem to be well-received, why aren't we writing more letters, notes, and cards to those important to us?

We work at home, we live at home, we stay at home. At least many of us these days...during this global pandemic.

The mail arrives with some consistency, maybe not as frequently as some of the online delivery services, but almost daily just the same. Our mailboxes have been filled with political flyers, bills, and junk mail. Only on the rare occasion is a handwritten card found among the daily delivery.

Maybe you can be the one to make someone smile?

4 ideas - using handwritten notes to build business relationships

  1. Mail a handwritten card to a current client to share how much you appreciate the business relationship, and what you value in them personally.

  2. Send a birthday card to one of your closest clients or LinkedIn connections (if you don't know their birthdays, they probably aren't close connections).

  3. Write a thank you note to someone today within your own company who you couldn't do your job without.

  4. Look at your October meeting calendar, and pick one person to send a note to. Tell the person you've chosen why your week, or month, is better now because you've met with them.

Handwritten. Personal. Genuine. Thoughtful.

Definitely worth your time.

Send a smile.