Setting Up 2021 for Sales Success

There are a little more than seven weeks left in 2020. Maybe only four or five weeks if you personally have time blocked off for holidays.

I know, I know...many of us are completely ready to say good riddance to 2020 and put it where it rightfully belongs, in the history books.

But, if you are a sales professional, or your income is directly tied to client retention, new business growth, or something similar, these next seven weeks might need your full attention.

Finishing 2020 with Finesse

  • Are you ready to wrap up the year?

  • Have you closely looked at your 2020 business plan, even if it was adjusted due to the pandemic, and know how you are going to finish the year?

  • Are your sales goals tied to the calendar year? If your fiscal cycle is some other period, can you use this time to do a self-check on where you are against your goals?

  • What do your current clients need from you before year's end?

  • Which prospective clients should hear from you between now and Thanksgiving? Or after Thanksgiving before New Year's?

  • Should you do something different - holiday cards, ecards, personal phone calls, a virtual happy hour, a virtual educational event - for your current clients this year to show appreciation?

Let's Get Ready for 2021

  • Do you know your 2021 new business goals?

  • Do you know your 2021 client retention goals?

  • Have you met with your manager or mentor to discuss a plan to achieve these goals?

  • Can you break the goals down into quarterly, monthly, or weekly activities?

  • What can you do now, in the last few weeks of 2020, to set yourself up for success in the new year?

I spent most of yesterday with 20 high performing sales professionals. Their energy and excitement to prepare for 2021 was invigorating. They aren't letting a global pandemic slow them down. They are adapting, collaborating, and preparing for next year. They are challenging each other to try creative and new ways to reach out to prospective clients.

Let's all acknowledge that life is weird right now.

Let's strive to finish 2020 strong.

Let's roll up our sleeves and plan for an incredible 2021.