Sometimes, Being Coachable is of Utmost Importance

This past holiday weekend included teaching one of our teenagers to drive a stick shift.

I have a relatively new car, and the clutch is very forgiving. Nothing like the kinds of cars I drove as I was learning to drive a manual oh so many years ago!

I reassured her more than once that she couldn't hurt the car. I coached her through all the steps, and she practiced. And she tried. And she tried again.

About 45 minutes into our time, I got out of the car and sat on a concrete block in our church parking lot. I told her it was her turn to drive alone around the lot. She was scared and nervous and hesitant - but she did it! And did it without stalling.

The next day, we tried the highway. And she did it! And did it without stalling.

Sometimes being coachable is what matters most. Not who's teaching you. Not what you are learning. Not how long it takes you to learn a new skill. Read on to reflect on the link between coachability and high-performers.