Taking a Scheduled Day Off

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Today, I'm technically off work, even if I'm still texting a few people and thinking about a few projects.

There are three reasons I took today off.

  1. I had a disastrous day at work three weeks ago and knew I needed some time built into my schedule to recalibrate;

  2. My team just recently finished a big project and I purposely wanted a few long weekends built into this month; and

  3. I love special occasions and try, on those occasions, to recognize life events that deserve attention and fanfare.

Now, a little more about that bizarrely horrible day I had three weeks ago. It was the kind of day where nothing went as planned. And I mean nothing. No need to go into the exact details. I had a similar day like that in mid-May, that looking back I can completely attribute to "pandemic life" and the immense amount of stress I was experiencing at the time. I've tried hard to turn days like that into meaningful lessons and reflections, but sometimes they just are what they are - bad days!

Should you take a scheduled day off?

Could picking a random day in the near future and taking the day off be beneficial to you? Would you turn on your out of office? Would you pick an activity (or do absolutely nothing) that day that could help you decompress, reset, and recalibrate?

Do you already do this well? Take a random day off here and there on your schedule? Do you have stellar advice for others about how to make the most of one day off in the midst of busy schedules and commitments?

And for those of you reading who do not know me personally, I'm definitely not talking about calling in "sick" moments before you are supposed to be at work. There is no room for dishonesty in sales as a profession.

Get your calendar out. Look at it closely. Block a day off. Just try it. Maybe before colder weather sets in for many of our geographies. And try, hard, to put your feet up, and enjoy!