The Next 3 Months

Are you past the shock and awe of the last three months? Living through a global pandemic? Maybe you have been doing well for awhile now...or maybe you are still moving through, and adjusting to this incredibly intense time in our lives and in history.

My days include coaching sales professionals across many different geographies and a vast range in years of experience. It is truly one of the joys of the work that I do. I've talked with so many men and women over the last three months. Emailed with others. Heard stories. Listened to the frustrations. Talked through the challenges. Met their family members over Zoom. Connected.

Figuring out how to take care of ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our colleagues and our customers has taken an immense amount of energy and focus for many of us.

Personally, I was absolutely spent from the journey. I hit a breaking point three weeks ago. I didn't just snap, but that singular day was a doozy. Nothing went right. And I mean nothing.

The next day I intentionally focused on balance and boundaries. I started to find my equilibrium. I tried to put myself first at least a fraction of the day instead of always putting others first. I prayed. I rested. I worked. I continued to move forward.

And, I decided I'd start deliberately focusing on the next three months instead of the last three months.

June, July and August

Summer. Traditionally a time of rest and relaxation for at least a week or two. Maybe longer depending on your role, your family situation, and your geography. Usually a good time to reset and plan for the balance of the year.

And yet, I sense that this summer will be unlike any other before it.

The horrific death of George Floyd 10 days ago has left me reeling. I feel things deeply. And burden and pain of others seems to sit on my shoulders and my heart. I've taken others' tragedies personally for as long as I can remember. As I internalize the grief and watch peaceful protests turn to violent riots, I mourn also for a country that is broken.

I took today off work. Once again feeling a need to reset. How can I figure out how best to serve my family, my friends, my colleagues, and all others in my life? How can I find calm when there is so much unrest? How can I make sure all those whom I know personally in my life, and those I've not yet met, know I'm about love and peace and acceptance and equality and education and communication and understanding.

Today will include at a minimum the following:

  • Limited social media time, if any at all

  • A long hike

  • A pad of paper and a pen and jotting down ideas and plans for the next three months

  • Many hours of solitude

Today, I had planned to share three things we could all do over the next three months to focus on our current customers and our prospective clients. But with current events, I will leave it up to you individually to decide what should be your top three areas of focus.

There is a chance that the next three months might be more important than the last three months. That every call you make, every email you send, every conversation you have could be a pivotal one.

What about your June, July and August? What's on the horizon for you personally and professionally as you navigate the summer months? What will you jot down on your pad of paper? What will you share? What will you do? Who will you be?