The One Metric We Should Start Measuring

In sales, which metrics matter? To you? To your company? To your livelihood?

Many of us measure a lot of metrics. So do our companies - sometimes for predictive analytics, sometimes for research, sometimes for forecasting, sometimes for management.

When I'm addressing metrics, and those we should start measuring, it's because I want you to be the best possible version of yourself as a sales professional. Today. Tomorrow. And throughout your career journey.

How many appointments do you conduct each week? How many first appointments lead to second appointments? How many new business presentations do you make, on average, each month? How much new business do you secure each quarter? And, let's not forget the compelling retention metric - how many clients stay with you year after year after year.

Before the global pandemic, it was easy to ignore a metric that doesn't seem to be measured frequently - number of attempts to secure a first appointment.

In business to business sales, there has seemingly always been a grace given at the front of a sales cycle - regardless of whether the entire burden of generating new activity fell on the individual sales professional, or if there was a team offering lead generation support.

It's easy to overlook the time, effort and number of attempts it takes someone to book a first appointment. Do you measure it in number of phone calls? Number of emails? Number of invitations to events? Amount of time spent researching the prospective client?

When we talk about best practices for the future of sales professionals - especially as we navigate through a global pandemic - this metric of how long it takes, and how many attempts it takes, to secure the first appointment will gain a lot of attention.

The ability to leverage a strong, professional network will most likely become critical, not just a nice to have. This is so much more than having a big LinkedIn network. This is about trust, credibility, rapport AND knowing how to build strong, significant relationships that can last for years.

More thoughts will be shared on this topic specifically - as the weeks, months, and years unfold in front of us in our new normal.