Top Notch Presentation Skills = Success

My passion for strong presentation skills is not new.

Having spent most of my career developing, delivering, coaching and watching presentations, I have learned they are a key ingredient by which successful sales professionals communicate with, persuade, inspire and motivate those they wish to influence.

But what I never anticipated, in a million years, is that I'd also be presenting myself, and helping others prepare for presentations through a pandemic - with significant, and multiple presentation variables.

I've had some doozies. Some that would make you laugh. And maybe a few that would make you cry. And countless that have gone off without a hitch, even if I personally felt they were lacking some element of connection you get in-person in a board room.

What about your own presentation skills? Where are they today? Where do you want or need your presentation skills to be in a year from now?

Are you virtual? Standing or sitting? Are you alone in your space, or sharing it with others? What about the kids and the dog? And do you know how to use your technology platform...and use it well? Is your prospective customer or current client back in the office? Virtual themselves? And literally dozens of other questions that might impact your preparation, rehearsal, delivery and outcomes of each presentation you give in our "new" normal.

Keep at it. Presentation skills are always worth investing in. You won't regret it.