Welcome to Summer, Officially

It is 10:15pm (Eastern) and I can still see light in the sky where I live. Amazing. Truly amazing.

Summer solstice was this past Saturday (June 20th), marking the official beginning of summer according to the astronomical interpretation of the seasons. I spent almost all of Saturday outside. And most of Sunday too.

Last Wednesday, I posted a short piece about work ethic; and the concept of work hard, play hard has been on my mind this past week. For those of you who know me personally, you might already be laughing and thinking that work hard, work harder might seem more fitting some days. I know, I have a really hard time resting, resetting, and balancing against all of the working.

And yet, I love summer. And the long days filled with sunshine. And taking work calls outside. And making time to go on hikes. And kayaking. And eating meals on the porch. And sitting outside after dinner and hoping the mosquitoes don't find me.

I leave you with this. I will try my best to work hard and play hard this summer. I will try my best to encourage others to do the same. I will enjoy every ray of sunshine. I will not let a global pandemic (and many plans canceled) squelch my excitement for the summer season. I will work and play. All day. Every day.