What Kind of Year Will It Be?

Hello 2021!

Out with the old. In with the new.

If you've followed my posts for a few years now, you know I'm big on New Year's resolutions, commitments to self-improvement, life-long learning, and pushing ourselves to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

2021 will be no different in that regard. But I know many of us hope 2021 will be leaps and bounds better than our 2020 experiences.

As 2020 wrapped up, I sought out advice and guidance from more than a handful of my trusted advisors. Some of the discussions were focused on the long-term future, and some about 2021 specifically.

Yes, I've written my resolutions down. Just like I do every year. And some of them are quite lofty. Today's not the right day to write about them. Just know I've made some, and will work hard to keep the commitments I've made to myself.

If you haven't yet made your own New Year's resolutions, there's still plenty of time!

Can these questions help you brainstorm ways you can make your 2021 an outstanding one?

  • What five things are you going to do this year to bring value to your customers?

  • What five things are you going to do this year to build a stronger professional network?

  • What five things are you going to do this year to become a better resource or a more trusted advisor?

Happy New Year!


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