Working Late, Working Hard

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The most frequent questions I've received the last two weeks from sales leaders are about work ethic. And it's one of my favorite topics to discuss! Keep the questions coming, and the incredible conversations that follow!

Many might have guessed the questions would have been around call reluctance, or prospecting through a pandemic, or even how to knock virtual presentations out of the park. While I get these questions too, and throughly enjoy talking with sales leaders about how to tackle these topics with their sales teams, the number one thing on their minds is about how to set high expectations and how to motivate sales professionals to want to work harder.

To want to give more. To want to achieve more. To want to put in more effort. Each and every day.

Can work ethic be taught? What are you doing to motivate your teams to give all they can? Do you pay attention to internal and external drivers?

There are so many fascinating topics to discuss here. Maybe after we get the "all clear" these can be in-person discussions, as often as we can possibly get together! Oh, how I miss visiting all of you!

Relevant Research on Work Ethic

I had full intentions of reading these articles, highlighting key points, and potentially connecting the dots...for you! And then I thought to myself, "self...this is a post about work ethic, why would you put in another hour of effort at 9:30 at night if you are trying to share with others the importance of putting in the time themselves?"

So, in the spirit of leading by example, let's read these links together and see if there are any relevant points, advice on cultivating a culture of hard work, and ways we can all help our own teams.

  1. Work Ethic Skills: Top 8 Values to Develop

  2. Has the American Work Ethic Gotten Worse?

  3. Microsoft experimented with the 4-day workweek, and productivity jumped by 40%

Post your comments, your own links for reference, or discussion questions - if you, too, want to focus on this fascinating topic of hard work.