Yes, I'm on the Porch

40 degrees and sunny, maybe even cooler than that when I brought my first cup of coffee out here before the day began.

If I could live on my porch, I truly think I would. Some might say I'm nuts; and others wondering what am I waiting for.

Am I an anomaly?

I don't see many (if any) of my neighbors participating in Zoom calls on their porches like I attempt to some days. Running electric from my garage. Rearranging outdoor furniture to account for the background and lighting. Wondering and planning where to move (quickly) if someone starts mowing the minute after I join a video call. Keeping an eye on the dog so he isn't chasing after every squirrel he sees.

I'm convinced that spending a lot of time outside the last few months, specifically the time I've been on my porch, has truly helped counter-balance all the stress and sameness of pandemic life. I worry about many others; including my own family members (some doing online schooling), with no real breaks built in for exercise or fresh air. How luxurious my own calendar seems in comparison, even if I am on Zoom calls back to back to back some days.

I head into this weekend determined to spend even more time outside. My next two days stretch out before me with surprising and unexpected emptiness. I have a few projects and errands I must take care of, but the bulk of the weekend is unscheduled.

Can you spend some time outside too this weekend? On a porch, patio, deck, or balcony? Can you read, or think, or talk, or contemplate? Can you enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine and let it rejuvenate you?