Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

I’ve been thinking about personal and professional brand a lot lately.

And here's the deal with your professional headshot. It matters. More than you realize.

Let's talk about LinkedIn specifically.

LinkedIn is a professional forum. It deserves a professional headshot. You want to be taken seriously - regardless of your age, tenure, or geography.

What image are you projecting to your current clients, your future customers, your colleagues, and all others you interact with on a frequent basis?

And, maybe more importantly, what do you want all of these people in your life to see in this virtual world?

Time for a New Profile Picture?

If you've never had a headshot taken by a photographer (amateur or professional) - it's time for you to make that a priority.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business to business sales for one month, one year, ten years, or your entire career. Having a professional headshot is a must. If you want to project the image that you mean business, and you can be taken seriously, this is paramount.

It is not hard, nor expensive, to have a professional headshot taken. Fees range from free (a family friend) to about $150 an hour. Do not let this cost deter you if you are just starting your career. It is a wise investment.

Things to Consider

A short list of points to ponder.

  • Should what you wear be formal, casual or somewhere in between?

  • Should how you sit or stand be formal, casual or somewhere in between?

  • Research wildly successful colleagues and study their profile pictures specifically, but of course their entire profile as well.

  • Ask your mentor(s) advice on building a strong professional brand in a virtual world.

Go ahead - hire a photographer. Book a session. With the pandemic, maybe even an outdoor session. Update your profile picture on LinkedIn. Consider using the photo across several platforms. Up your game. Make it happen.

Smile. You've got this.